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This website presents some of Prof. Wilkinsonfs academic papers on comparative linguistics relating to the development from Latin to the modern Romance languages. Please feel free to give us your comment from the form below if you have any questions or would like to know more. Most of the papers in this website have been published in Aoyama Gakuinfs  Ronshu and Aoyama Keiei Ronshu.


  The Profile of Prof. Wilkinson

 Prof. Hugh Everard Wilkinson was born in London and later moved to the Brighton area. He majored in comparative philology at the University of Cambridge, where he was a member of Kingfs College and received his M.A. He taught at Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo, Japan). He is currently an emeritus professor of Aoyama Gakuin and a past president of The Asiatic Society of Japan.

The List of Papers presented (all the files are pdf)


      @  ž  A Modern Look at the Bible


žThe Subjunctive in the Romance Languages

žThe Latinity of Ibero-Romance (pdf)


žThe Vulgar Latin (Proto-Romance) Conjugation System

žThe Latin Neuter Plurals in Romance

žSome Common English Surnames, Especially those Derived from Personal Names (pdf)


žVowel Alternation in the Spanish -IR Verbs@

žThe Portuguese Nasal Vowels: Some Hints from Japanese (word)

@@@Please install Sil font to read the paper.

ž   Notes on Spanish -IÓ < -EU and the Weak Preterite Ending

ž Notes on the Development of -KJ- and -TJ- in Spanish and Portuguese@

   Ÿ An Excursus on Semi-Learned Words in Romance

      @  ž  Evidence in English for the Occurrence of [š] in Old French

      @  ž  The Strong perfects in the Romance Languages part 1

      @    part2

      @    part 3

      @    Bibliography

      @  ž  Middle English LoanWords from across the North Sea

      @  ž  Proto-Romance Verb Formation by Suffixation

ž   Notes on some Adverbial and Prepositional Formations in Romance

Other works by Prof. Wilkinson published in the above Aoyama Gakuin journals include:

"Palatal vs. Velar in the Stem of the Romance Present"

"The Development of Latin -ULU-, -ULA- in Romance"

For a detailed list of Prof. Wilkinsonfs papers, please visit Google Scholar and CiNii.


He has also published some articles on English, notably on the historical development of shall and will. As a long-standing member of the Council of the Asiatic Society of Japan he has also contributed an article on the historical development of Japanse phonology to the Society's Transactions. Longer works include a history of the English language designed for Japanese students, titled The How and Why of English (Eigoshi Nyūmon), published by Kenkyusha (1977). He was also chief editor of The Kenkyusha College English Dictionary (Karejji Ei-Ei Jiten), published in 1999; this is an expanded and updated version of their New Collegiate Dictionary of the English Language (Shin Ei-Ei Jiten).





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